A paradigm shift in tech adoption

Episode Summary

Transportation has seen more changes in the last 100 months than in the last 100 years. See how technology is contributing to the rapid growth of public transit, from urban city centers to sprawling rural communities.

Episode Notes

Rapid deployment of new technologies have given consumers more mobility options – but have also caused conflicts with regulators and local planners. 

But that paradigm is shifting. Conflict is turning into collaboration. TransitTech companies are now working more closely with cities and transit agencies in order to make better use of new mobility models.

Collaboration is at the core of TransitTech. The TransitTech sector alone could represent $450 billion in investment opportunities to improve or overhaul public transportation systems. Under this emerging framework, what are the technology areas that offer the most promise?

In this episode, Andrei and Tiffany unpack how TransitTech is reshaping the way transportation agencies plan and adapt – and what it means for riders and the future of mobility in America.


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