Transit that works for everyone

Episode Summary

If you don’t own a car in America, are you really free? We dig into why the lack of quality transit disproportionately penalizes the most vulnerable, and how cities today are building more equitable public mobility.

Episode Notes

We’ve been sold on the idea that a car is the ultimate freedom. But that’s only true for people who can afford it. A system that relies on owning a personal car is not a system that provides freedom to everyone – it’s a system that disproportionately penalizes people of color, people with limited income, or people with disabilities.

So how do we build an affordable, reliable transit system that works for everyone?

In this episode, Andrei and Tiffany dig into the many ways we can incorporate equity into our transportation planning. They’ll cover a wide range of angles: land use, housing, transit choice, and anti-displacement. 


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